Day: June 12, 2018


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Value-added describes what happens when you take a basic product and increase the value of that product and usually the price by adding extras in the manufacturing process, or by tacking on extra products and/or services. Farmers can take classes, or attend seminars on making the products that they are interested in marketing. Food technologists […]


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Farm machinery, mechanical devices, including tractors and implements, used in farming to save labour. Farm machines include a great variety of devices with a wide range of complexity: from simple hand-held implements used since prehistoric times to the complex harvesters of modern mechanized agriculture.

Extension Services

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Extension is a service or system which assists farm people, through educational procedures, in improving farming methods and techniques, increasing production efficiency and income, bettering their standard of living and lifting social and educational standards.


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Most often than not, a farmer requires soil or water testing services from laboratories so as to know which plant nutrients are lacking and consequently add them to the soil at the right amounts. We therefore share this list to help farmers identify the laboratories near them and their respective contacts.

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