We have made it simple for those who want to venture in to the hass avocado farming by using our past experience to do the planting on their behalf as we have noticed that most people don’t have the knowledge of planting and maintaining avocados and thus continued loss as most seedlings dry up immediately after planting. Join us as we prepare the short rain planting season by booking in advance. Below is a breakdown of the package

Project: Hass avocado, contract farming
Cost: 40000

What’s in 40k:

  • Free consultancy
  • Soil Testing
  • 150 hass avocado seedlings at a spacing of 17*17ft,
  • Digging of holes 2ft by 2ft,
  • Manure application,
  • Delivery of seedlings and planting,
  • Monitoring for the three months.
  • Market connection.

We start by first coming to your farm location to monitor it and doing soil analysis to ensure that the project will be successful. The best time to do the project is during the rainy season either short or long rain, but in case you have an irrigation system you can do it any time  this any time. The best time to engage us is now to plan for the short rain season. We do not charge anything for consultation the only cost is for transport to your farm at Ksh 20 per km from Nairobi for field visitation.

The least Forecasted returns for the first 10 years in a one acre land is as follows.

Return for an acre with 150 trees. (prices of hass fruit range between ksh 8-20 in local market depending on size.

• The first two years –growth stage
• 2nd year (harvest of 50 fruits per tree) – 60k
• 3rd year (harvest 200-250 fruits) – 240k
• 4th year –(400 fruits) – 480k
• 5th year – (800 fruits)- 900k
• 6th year – (1000 fruits) – 1.08m
• 7th year –(1100 fruits) – 1.3m
• 8th year –(more than 1300 fruits) – 1.5m
• 9th year – (more than 1500 fruits) – 1.8m
• 10th year – (more than 1750 fruits) – 2m

Total cumulative returns Ksh 10 million

• 20th year – (3500 fruits) – 4m

Note that:

We have calculated the prices of each fruit at a minimum price of Ksh 8 as of the local market, These prices can range between 8-20.


The life span of a hass avocado tree is more than 50 years, let your idle land become profitable by investing 40000 in it and we will do the work for you or you can buy the seedlings from us each at Ksh 150. The good thing about hass avocado is that its market is growing each day and big companies like kakuzi and sasini have embraced this opportunity by planting thousands of their acres under hass avocado due to stability of the hass market and high returns.

The hass avocado is the least stressful form of farming because it’s a tree with least form of management you just have to visit your FARM when harvesting. Once you enroll in our package we will give you detailed information on our market, management practices, what you can inter crop with and recover your investment in five months’ time.

Don’t miss this opportunity this short and long rain season we already have 50 acres under this project ongoing in Kenya. Contact 0712075915 for booking


      1. Hello am Bonito from Uganda how can i get the seedlings ,i have my two acre prepared for next season
        How much is a seedling in Uganda shillings
        how many seedlings can i put in one acre

  1. I have tried this farming on a small plot in Makutano (Mwea) Along Nairobi Nyeri highway but its not doing very well. The seedlings seem not toi pick up. Am suspecting the climate or the soil. Has this area a good climate for Hass avocado farming?

    1. They will do well there. contact 0712075915 for soil testing to know which nutrient to add to the soil for the seedlings to pick

  2. Hello, trying to plant avocado seeds into germination and then transplanting into black cotton soil. My question is if the timetable you have given would it apply,even remotely?
    Location: Nkoroi,Kajiado county.

  3. I’m from Meru county. The upper part of Meru… Very cold and the heavy rainfall sometimes… How will it pick here?

  4. many thanks for the above initinive to help farmers.
    Am a young farmer whereby have a seedbed of Hass grafted and ungrafted avocados for sale, in short am looking for market.
    My question is, do you buy the above .

  5. Thanks for this information,I have planted about 20trees,in my farm at kangema,sold to kakuzi this year,plans to increase to 50 trees,how can I get your seedlings,and professional advice managing my farm, thanks in advance,

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