Hass avocado is a black-colored avocado type and the highest in demand globally.

High on the lists of global health fads, the avocado is in hot demand. And the HASS avocado specifically is an extremely popular commodity. There is an increase in avocado demand every year. Kenya farmers can’t keep up with the demand.

The HASS avocado has an important share of the European market and the country’s geographic proximity constitutes an important advantage. The fruit can be transported by sea cargo in refrigerated containers or alternatively by air.

Hass avocado seedlings in oxfarm seed bed

Export Destinations

The main export destinations are Middle East countries, but the fruit is also exported to all the European countries and considerable quantities to Russia too.

How Is the Fruit Exported?

The Avocado exports must abide by the existing European standards and this stipulation is a precondition for exports (EURO GAP). All the fruit is packed at packing houses, which meet the European standards.

Health benefits of avocado

The avocado fruit is packed with antioxidants and vitamins as well as healthful monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat.

It’s a great fruit. It contains fats that are healthy and help your body absorb nutrients and vitamins from other foods. It is packed with vitamin B and E, minerals such as potassium and magnesium, anti-oxidants and fiber.

Studies have shown that this fruit is a good source of lutein (protects against eye disease), fiber (helps the digestive system), folate (lowers risk of heart disease), and oleic acid (reduces cholesterol).

Avocados are also a great introduction to a healthy lifestyle for children.

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“Because avocados are so tasty, kids like them. Instead of giving them vitamin supplements, add avocado to their meals – as a spread on bread or in a salad. When kids like to eat avocado, it’s a win-win situation. Just talking about avocados makes me want to eat one.”


Propagation is majorly by grafting.

Grafting should be carried out when the seedlings reach pencil thickness. Wedge grafting method is most successful.

It should be done at the point where rootstock is soft, and the scion should be dormant at the time of grafting and should match the size of the stock.

The grafting point should be wrapped thoroughly to exclude water from the union and to prevent it from drying out.


This is determined by the habit of the cultivar and the kind of the soil. In light soil, 17 x 17 ft. may be sufficient while in deep, rich soil, the tree makes its maximum growth and a spacing of 18-19 ft. may be necessary.

If trees are planted so close that they ultimately touch each other, the branches die back.

hass avocado seedlings in the nursery


Pruning starts at the planting stage where roots that are too long and do not fit in the planting hole are reduced in size. During the early stages of growth, trees are trained in order to maintain a good framework. Pruning is also normally done before flowering and upon completion of harvesting. The general guideline is that the tree canopy height should be 70% of row width. This allows light to penetrate.

Pruning improves yield and provides a superior tree structure.

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Kenya Hass avocado has two harvest seasons per year, one from March to July and the other from September to February.

The harvesting of the fruits is done manually. Avocados ripen on the tree and are normally harvested raw and ripen afterwards. The harvested fruits must be stored at a warm temperature to ripen evenly. Most are ripe and ready to eat after a week or two.



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