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Kenya is considered one of the best places in the globe to grow grapes because of the cool climates. The warm days, cool nights, volcanic soils as well as moderate rainfall in most parts of the country provide the optimum conditions to grow quality grapes. Climatic requirements In climates with a cool winter, the grape can survive temperatures down […]

Grafted fruit tree seedlings for sale this season

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Apples    ;400 pawpaw    50 pepino melons  100 Tangerines   150 Tissue culture bananas  200 Oranges  ; 150 Tree tomatoes   100 Hass avocadoes   150 Mangoes           150 Macadamia         400 Passion fruits      70 kiwi                   500 Grapes                300 Pomegranates     300 Peaches              300 Contact 0712075915 to order. Delivery services available countrywide

Grafted citrus fruit trees for sale in kenya

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Citrus fruits thrives in a wide range of soils and climatic conditions. They are grown from sea level up to an altitude of 2100 m but for optimal growth a temperature range from 2 degrees celcious to 30 degrees is ideal.They grow in a wide range of soils varying from sandy soils to those high […]

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