I own a 1/4 acre plot, and hire a half acre, too.

Please let me know more about contract farming, especially of pigs, chicken and rabbits.

I intend to raise about 100 pigs for 10 months which can fetch me Sh1 million, but the cost of feeds and start-up capital is a challenge please advise.


Contract farming, though a fairly new concept in Kenya, ensures that farmers have a ready market for their products irrespective of market fluctuations and therefore cushions them against potential losses. Several companies in the country enter into various contractual agreements with farmers.

For instance, Farmers Choice has an arrangement with farmers where they can offer free field extension and pig transportation services as well as sell superior genetics and subsidised feed to farmers who supply slaughter pigs to the company.

Kenchic also offers contracts for poultry farmers who meet certain requirements through its farm-to-fork policy for enhanced traceability.

Alcare Kenya limited is one of the firms in Kenya engaging rabbit farmers in contracts.

Write up a detailed farm business plan for about five years and consider taking a low interest farm start-up loan. The secret to farm success is always prudent management.

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