Kenya launches digital strategy to improve sales of avocados and bananas

The Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya and donor aid agencies have launched a digital communication strategy to increase the export capacity of Kenyan-grown avocados and bananas.

FPCK is Kenya’s leading trade association dedicated to driving the growth and success of fresh produce companies.

Its membership includes producers, traders, and service providers for fresh horticultural produce. It represents the interests of member companies, which include family-owned, private and publicly traded businesses, as well as local and regional businesses, throughout the fresh produce supply chain.

Okisegere Ojepat, the CEO of FPCK, said the Kenya Avocado and Banana Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy comes at a time when Kenya is ranked first in Africa for avocado export.

“It is important that we expand this pride from continental to global pride by devising strategies and methods to increase our export capabilities around the world,” Ojepat said.

He said with the assistance of USAid and the RTI’s Kenya Crops and Dairy Marketing Systems (KCDMS) initiative, they launched a digital communication and marketing strategy to benefit Kenya’s fresh produce market.

“It will be critical in assisting us in increasing the visibility of the two value chains by utilising digital tools to better connect with the global market, improve information dissemination, change consumer attitudes, and improve access to Kenyan avocados and bananas in the global market,” he said.

Kenya was ranked first in Africa and eighth globally in 2020, with an estimated export of 69 metric tonnes of the produce between January and October 2021 generating Sh14.48 billion in revenue.

Demand for these processed products is expected to go up in the coming years, making the market even larger for banana growers in Kenya.

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