All what you need to know on hydroponic folder preparation

πŸŸͺHydroponic fodder is animal feed grown from seeds without soil, and with little water
πŸŸͺHydroponic fodder is a good option in front of the farmer because it grows fast, it contains a high nutrient value, and the most important thing is animals like to eat
πŸŸͺIt does not require any chemicals or pesticides to grow
πŸŸͺPlants grown hydroponically often yield more, require less space, and use less water than with conventional gardening
πŸŸͺA week after the seeds have sprouted, the nutritious seedlings will be up to 30 cm tall.
Β πŸŸͺThey can be produced every day of the year, even in the dry season. Reduced availability of grazing land and scarcity of water to cultivate fodder makes it hard to produce green fodder throughout the year. Hence, one can take advantage of hydroponic fodder.
πŸŸͺYou can use seeds like: Oat, barley, alfalfa, sorghum, clover, wheat, cow pea etc.

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