Valencia and Washington navel (seedless) are the main varieties of oranges in Kenya. Matures after 2-3 years, Washington navel is a seedless variety bigger and tastier compared to Valencia which does well in warm and dry climate. Grafting with lemons on both varieties are hardy and matures with a short period of time. On average each tree produces between 120 to 200 fruits a season that spreads from April to November.
Ungrafted oranges offer about half the yields and mature less fast. One fruit goes from sh 10 to sh 20. Oranges have a longer shelf life compared to other fruits like mangoes. Oranges can be inter-cropped with short term crops like vegetables and legumes to maximize earning. Oranges grow from sea level up to an altitude of 2100m. They grow in a wide range of soils varying from sandy soil to those high in clay.
Ph range of 5.5 to 6.0 is ideal. An acre is planted between 200-250 seedlings depending with the spacing. We have high quality seedlings in our seedbed at sh 150 each ready for planting this rainy season. We organize on delivery countrywide. Contact 0712075915/0721234815 for details

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