How can I succeed in fruit farming?

Success in farming comes with a lot of work, resources, and effort. You need to know where you are planting, what you are planting, their ecological requirements, management practices, the market for your crops, and the equipment needed. Everything should be done right, with a smooth transition from one growth to the other until you get the desired production.

To maintain a high level of productivity in the agricultural sector, you need to create an agricultural system that is well-maintained and each task is accomplished expectedly. This means using technological innovations and high-quality irrigation systems to enhance farm management.

In the planning process, the first step entails deciding on what you want to grow. Farming is a diverse field and you need to narrow it down to one or several crops. You need to pick the right one. Here are several factors that may affect your decision-making process:

  • The ecological conditions in the area.
  • Demand of the crop.
  • Your budget.
  • Management practices required
  • Your land size.
  • Resistance to pests and diseases
  • Productivity

We have compiled several reasons why you need to plan ahead as a farmer. These are:

  • Decide Properly on What You Will Grow

Planning in advance enables you to understand the growing requirements of different crops, the ecological conditions in your area, and the type of crop that will perform well. For instance, if you settle down on orange trees, you can now decide on whether you want dwarf, semi-dwarf, or standard varieties. Also, you can calculate the estimated yields for a particular part of a farm and the estimated production costs that may be required. This way, you will understand the profit margins to expect and know whether a crop fits into your budget.

  • Advance Planning Creates Options

Planning in advance gives you an opportunity to research markets, evaluate potential cash flows, understand when the demand is highest, and how to maximize profits. For instance, it enables you to plan on value addition and export markets to target. Fruits have a high demand in the local and export markets and you will have enough room to maximize your production capacity and revenue.

  • Enables To Plan for Market Uncertainty

Demand and supply are influenced by various factors such as consumer preferences, production in different parts of the country, ecological conditions, pests and diseases, and the availability of farm inputs. All crops are affected by drought. Water shortages for prolonged periods translate into less production and increased demand for food and higher food prices. At this time, you will be able to make more as a farmer. If you are relying on the export markets, planning ahead will give you an opportunity to understand when the country’s competitors are exporting. For instance, for Hass avocado, you will have time to analyze when there is surplus production in countries such as Guatemala and Ecuador. Therefore, you will be plan your orchard in a way that you harvest before or after them, hence avoiding supplying when the prices are low.

  • Manage Expenses

Fruit farming is an agribusiness and you need the plan to handle your expenses. This includes the smallest variable expenses, fixed costs, and any expense that may arise. For example, fruit trees are susceptible to pests and diseases, require frequent irrigation, especially during the dry season, need fertilizers and manure, and proper management such as pruning and staking. Planning ahead enables you to know the expenses to expect and manage your finances well.

  • Take Control of Your Farm’s Future

Unlike other crops, fruit farming is a long-term investment. Some trees have an extended lifespan of even 30 years. For this reason, you need to rethink on the future of your farm. You need to maximize the value of your trees and create a stable source of income. Planning ahead will enable you to take control of your farm’s future.

  • What’s More?

Planning ahead also enables you to:

  • Assess risks and opportunities.
  • Become more proactive.
  • Improve the performance of your farm.


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