Guidelines For Avocado Farming


There are various types of avocadoes but the most famous are fuerte and hass varities. Hass variety is the best due to its is mostly grown for export and thus its high demand.

Requirement for growth:

Hass avocado is cultivated over a wide range of climates, with a 2500m altitude above sea level being the most ideal. The tree requires cool to warm temperatures, with the minimum not falling below70 degrees Celsius and a maximum of200c(the optimum range is 150c to 250c).avocado trees are not tolerant to frost, avocadoes are highly adapted to different rainfall conditions, however, the rain should be an average of 1000-1600mm per annum and well distributed throughout the year.


Hass and fuerte varieties are propagated through grafting. Seeds are prepared for germination and grafting is done when they are 1ft long. Proper hygiene should be observed when grafting to ensure that diseases are not spread to the plants.

Hass avocado seedlings


Productivity of avocadoes increases as the number of years increase.

After  2  years, each avocado plant can produce a minimum of a 100 fruits,3 years a minimum of 200 fruits,5th year 500 fruits,8th year 1000 fruits and 15th year 3000 fruits.

They have a lifespan of 50 years.

Planting :

Land should be tilled ready for planting

  1. Planting of avocado trees is completed at a spacing of 5M × 5M with an acre carrying an approximation of 150 seedlings
  2. Dig planting holes 60cm by 2ft separating top soil and the other soil, combine the top soil with 20kg of well rotten manure, take away the seed plant from the pot keeping the basis and soil structure intact, and plant the seedling using the top soil mixture.
  3. The soil is also accustomed to creating a basin round the plant.
  4. Water regularly but avoid water-logging
  5. Hass Avocados are sensitive to wind, which might cause fruit drop and defoliation.
  6. Trees ought to be settled in safe areas

 Cost of Planting:

  • We sell hass avocado seedlings at Ksh 150/seedling. One acre requires 150 seedlings which means 1 acre will cost you 22,500 on seedlings.
  • You require people to dig holes and apply manure