Impact of Drip Irrigation on Farming System

Drip Irrigation is a modern means of irrigation system which supply water at the root zone of a plant based on true water requirement.

This type of micro irrigation system are useful for irrigate orchard gardens like mango, banana, citrus, etc, different cash crops like strawberry, dragon fruit, sweet corn, etc, and any other row type crop fields.

You can save water by 40–50% by applying drip irrigation in your field. It is also suitable for dry lands where rainfall is very low. Not only you can save water, but also you can increase the yield of your crop by 30–40% by drip irrigation. You can also apply soluble fertilizer through this system.

The upfront cost is little higher, but once you setup it will last for 5–10 years and return your investment very quickly.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation:

  1. Water distribution can easily be controlled. It’s highly uniform and adjusted to the optimal level.
  2. Localized application and reduced leaching minimize nutrient and fertilizer loss.
  3. When it comes to frequency of irrigation, the soil type plays less important role, which gives plant growers more freedom.
  4. It’s easy to maintain moisture with the root zone.
  5. High water application efficiency.
  6. Narrow and odd-shaped areas are easily irrigated with the use of drip systems.

    Drip Irrigation System.
  7. Drip irrigation saves water and it is ideal for areas in which water restrictions are imposed.
  8. It’s easy to setup an automated irrigation system in case you’re not at home when the plants need watering.
  9. Drip irrigation technology is readily available and adjusted to home systems. It’s even possible to make your own, homemade drip irrigation system if you’re crafty enough.

Here’s why plants are more productive with drip irrigation:

  • High availability of water and nutrients
  • Doses of water and nutrients tailored to plant’s development needs
  • No saturation and good soil aeration
  • Avoids high salinity caused by excessive fertilizer application
  • No wetting of foliage that can result in fungal diseases